Auction Adrenaline

Hello dear Readers!

I have been bidding on several auction sites today. First, I tried to buy a beautiful platinum plated necklace. Myself and another bidder got into a bidding war; we got up quite high before I decided to give up on the bidding. It was really exciting. Next, I tried to bid on a ring with many emeralds on it. I looked up the price of individual emeralds, and was convinced it was a great deal, but, alas, another bidding war ensued, and I was not fast enough clicking on the bid button before time ran out.  At this point the adrenaline was really pumping.

Next, I found another site and found some earrings with crystal and 14K gold. I got them for $3 CAD plus $7 CAD shipping and handling. Seems like a good deal. I feel tired now from the excitement of bidding!

Happy new Year, everyone!



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