Online Group Exercise Motivation!

Good morning everyone!

I am excited to bring you: Online Group Exercise Motivation! We are going to motivate each other to get/stay in shape. You can decide whether you need my help, but I can assure you that I need yours!

Here’s how this is going to work:

-send an email to me ( with your name (or the name you want to use: this is going to be shared, remember!) and the amount of exercise you have done for the day. We are going to even things out in the following way: Just tell me how many minutes (or hours!) you exercised for in the day, along with your perceived effort level for the exercise. This is a subjective measure that you will make on a scale of 1-3. We will update the list every day to see how you are doing, and how I am doing.
-the contest will end April 30, and a WINNER will be declared!

Best of success getting in shape, and let’s have fun! The list starts with March 28, because I exercised that day, and I want to beat you!


Note, March 29: We have two players so far, myself and “neurons and life”!

Exercise chart


March 28, 1h, pel=1.0
March 29, 31 min, pel=3
March 30, 33 min, pel=1
March 31, 32 min, pel=1
April 1, 34 min, pel=2.2
April 2, 25 min, pel=1.2
April 3: rest day
April 4, rest day
April 5, 31 min, pel=3.0
April 6, 14 min, pel=3.0
April 7, 35 min, pel=1
April 8, rest day
April 9, 10 min, pel=1
April 10, rest day
April 11, 45 min, pel=3
April 12, 80 min, pel=1.5
April 13, 14 min, pel=3, one mile in just under 14 min!
April 14, rest day
April 15, 37 min, pel=2.5
April 16, 70 min, pel=2.0 burned 484 cal!
April 17, rest day
April 18, 17 min, pel=1.5
April 19, 70 min, pel=3
April 20, rest day
April 21, 16 min, pel=2
April 22, 80 min, pel=2

Neurons and Life

March 28, 40 min, pel=1
March 29, 26 min, pel =2 “I feel alive”
March 30, 20 min, pel=0.25, 50 min, pel=1.25
March 31, 54 min, pel=2
April 1, 24 min, pel=1.5, 40min pel=0.25
April 2, 1h, pel=0.25
April 3, 30 min, pel=2.25
April 4, 8 min, pel=2.25
April 5, 30 min, pel=1.75
April 6, 10000 pushups, pel=0
April 7, 35 min, pel=0.5
April 8, 30 min, pel=0.5
April 9-13 rest days
April 14, 30 min, pel=1


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